With the foreboding Torres del Paine towers on every serious trekker’s bucket list and Mt Fitz Roy dominating El Chalten’s skyline just over the border, many would be forgiven assuming that PATAGONIA is entirely made up of glorious, jagged mountain peaks.

True, the southern stretches of Chile and Argentina are borne with too-good-to-be-true alpine views. Around every corner on every drive through this spectacular region another beautiful mountain panorama unfolds. The terrain is rugged, harsh and seemingly endless. But Patagonia covers an enormous area, and one that is incredibly diverse. 

The Patagonian Ice Fields consist of a staggering 47 big glaciers. Some of them crumble and crash in to gorgeous turquoise waters, others hang over cliff edges with narrow waterfalls trickling beside them. There’s incredible wildlife too – much of it endemic. You’ll find guanacos, condors, whales and flamingoes. Condors, penguins, rheas and armadillos. You can surf huge waves and marvel at dramatic fjords. Further south you can hike to the end of the earth, set sail for Antarctica. Black sand beaches, bubbling volcanoes and South America’s second largest lake make up the north. You can even carve shapes in german-influenced ski towns.

Remote. Stark. Wild. PATAGONIA is one of the most rewarding places on the planet to visit. A trip here feels like a journey to the end of the world. It is.